As one of Holland’s major export products, the flower market is disrupted by increased demand for smaller order quantities. In the classical setup flower shops have to order a Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ) of “the Danish car”, which causes a relatively large stock liability for the local flower shop, since it is a perishable product losing value every day. If they want to order smaller quantities, they are dependent on local cash & carry wholesalers, which adds another party in the supply chain and increases costs.

The alternative for the Danish car is ordering (large) boxes with flowers. These boxes require handling with care (not upside down), have to move fast and allowing for an overnight pre 12 delivery to deliver them as fast as possible towards the local flower shops. Speedlink’s network with daily direct infeeds in local last mile express networks allows for:

·       Short leadtimes (next day pre 12)

·       Late cut off

·       Minimizing sorting (only for the last mile distribution)

·       Track & Trace

·       Handled with care (no upside down)  

Speedlink offers the following infeeds for an next day delivery service:


Country Lead-times
Austria D1 pre 18hrs
France D1 pre 13hrs
Germany D1 pre 12hrs
Ireland (incl. Norther Ireland) D1 pre 12hrs
Norway D1/D2
Portugal D1 pre 12hrs
Spain D1 pre 12hrs
Switzerland D1 pre 13hrs
UK D1 pre 12hrs

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